abdullah shah ghazi

Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Karachi

Abdullah Shah Ghazi

The shrine place of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is a conspicuous Sufi sanctuary situated in Karachi, Pakistan. It is devoted to the eighth century Sufi holy person, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, His father, Muhammad al-Nafs al-Zakiyya, was a descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, he was adored for his commitments to Islam and his part in spreading the confidence in the area. The sanctum is a huge strict and social site, drawing in both neighborhood fans and vacationers. It’s known for its particular white arch and lovely ocean side area. Abdullah al-Ashtar darbar is very famous in Karachi.

Visitors in Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Numerous people visit the altar to offer supplications, look for gifts, and offer their appreciation to the Sufi holy person Abdullah Shah Ghazi.


Individuals from different pieces of Pakistan and even from different nations might make a journey to the sanctuary as a demonstration of strict dedication.


The Shrine place’s dazzling engineering, area by the Middle Eastern Ocean, and its verifiable significance make it a vacation destination.


Some visit for instructive purposes or as a feature of school excursions to find out about the city’s set of experiences and culture.


It’s normal for families to invest energy there, partaking in the perspectives and the quieting climate.

URS Of the Abdullah al-Ashtar

The Urs of Abdullah al-Ashtar is a yearly strict celebration in Karachi, Pakistan, committed to the Sufi holy person Abdullah al-Ashtar. It is praised at his holy place, which is situated in the Clifton area of Karachi. The Urs is a huge occasion for both the Sufi devotees and the overall population. It regularly includes supplications, music, food conveyance, and different social exercises. The date of the Urs might change every year founded on the Islamic lunar schedule.

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