bagh ibn e qasim

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, Karachi

Bagh ibn e Qasim

Bagh Ibn e Qasim is a well known park situated in Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. It is named after Ibn e Qasim, the Middle Easterner vanquisher who is accepted to have established the underpinning of the city of Karachi in the eighth 100 years. The recreation area is known for its wonderful scene, lavish vegetation, and a huge fake lake. It fills in as a sporting facility for occupants and guests, offering a spot for picnics, running, drifting, and relaxed strolls. Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim likewise includes a few landmarks and figures, making it a social and sporting center point inside the city.

Visitors in Ibn e Qasim Park

Bagh Ibn e Qasim in karachi  is a famous objective for a large number of guests. It draws in the two local people and travelers, and you can find different kinds of individuals partaking in the recreation area. Here are a portion of the normal guests you could experience.

  1. Families:

    Many families visit the recreation area for picnics, relaxed strolls, and to get to know each other.

  2. Local Residents:

    Peoples from Karachi visit the recreation area for  relaxing, picnics, and open air exercises. Families frequently invest quality energy here on ends of the week. 

  1. Nature Enthusiasts:

    The  park’s area’s very much kept up with gardens and lovely arranging draw in nature fans and photographic artists.

  1. Tourist:

     Both homegrown and worldwide travelers visit the park area to partake in the plant life, peaceful air, and the perspective on the Bedouin Ocean.

  1. Joggers and Walkers:

    Most people visit the recreation area for running, strolling, and practicing in a  peaceful environment. 

  1. Children:

    The Ibn e Qasim park area offers play regions and entertainment offices for youngsters, making it a most loved spot for families with kids. 

  1. Boating Enthusiasts:

    The lake in the  park area gives an amazing chance to sailing, drawing guests keen on water-based exercises.

  1. Event Attendees:

    Tourists uses Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim periodically for facilitating widespread developments, displays, and celebrations, which draw participants from various pieces of the city.

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