clifton beach

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Clifton Beach Karachi

Clifton beach, otherwise called Seaview Ocean beach, is a famous and notable  beach in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s a go-to location for inhabitants and travelers the same, offering wonderful perspectives on the Middle Eastern Ocean. Guests can partake in the sandy shores, walk around the promenade, and participate in different sporting exercises. Remember that swimming could not generally be protected because of solid flows, so being cautious is significant. Furthermore, Clifton Ocean side is renowned for its road food slows down and neighborhood merchants, making it an incredible spot to partake in Karachi’s culinary pleasures. Nonetheless, it’s consistently smart to really take a look at the ongoing circumstance and security suggestions, as conditions can change.

Things to do in Clifton beach Karachi

Clifton beach in Karachi offers different exercises and what should be done for  visitors. Here are a few famous choices.

1.Beach Stroll

Go for a relaxed stroll along the sandy shore and partake in the beautiful perspectives on the Arabian Ocean.

2.Camel and Horse Riding

You can find camel and pony rides presented by neighborhood merchants, which can be a fun and extraordinary experience for the adults and kids.

3.Street Food

Clifton beach is famous for its road food slows down. Try not to botch the amazing chance to attempt neighborhood bites and fish, for example, chaat, golgappas, and barbecued fish.


Lot’s of visitors bring  picnics bushels and partake in a loosening up day with loved ones at the beach side. There are assigned regions for picnics.

5.Amusement Park

Fun land, a little entertainment park close to Clifton Ocean side, offers rides and games for youngsters and families.

6.Water Sports

Depending upon the season and atmospheric conditions, you might find water sports exercises, for example, stream skiing and parasailing available. 


The beach  and its environmental elements give incredible open doors to photography, particularly during dusk.

8.Seaview Apartments

Visit the Seaview apartment’s area, known for its top of the line cafés and bistros with a perspective on the ocean.

9.Collect Seashells

Many peoples gathering shells as trinkets or for creating.

10.Relax and Enjoy the Sunset

Clifton beach side is an extraordinary spot to unwind, loosen up, and watch the dusk over the Middle Eastern Ocean.

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