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10 Top Famous Places in Hyderabad in 2024

The second largest city of Sindh is Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, people visit many beautiful historical places and enjoy themselves. Hyderabad is home to a portion of the top engineering milestones in the country. There are many ideal getaway Famous Places in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Given your spending, breaking point and leisure activities, think about the below-referenced places as the absolute most prominent spots to find in Hyderabad. In this article, we will share the rundown of Hyderabad’s most ideal getaway spots with their location to visit and enjoy your stay in Hyderabad.

List of Famous Places to Visit in Hyderabad 2024

1. Sindh Museum
2. Boulevard Mall Hyderabad
 3. Mukhi House
4. Badshahi Bungalow
5. Rani Bagh
6. Tomb of the Talpur Mirs
7. Pakka Qila
8. Qadam Gah Mola Ali
9. Kotri Bridge

10. Darawat Dam

1.Sindh Museum

The top Historical place in Hyderabad is the Sindh Museum. The Sindh Historical Center Hyderabad is situated in Qasimabad. The Sindh Museum was established in 1971, fully intent on gathering and saving Sindh’s social records. Except Wednesday, the Sindh Exhibition Hall is accessible to the public six days a week. It is an informative and attractive place reflecting past diaries and culture of Sindh.

Sindh Museum

2.Boulevard Mall Hyderabad

The most attractive and fun place in Hyderabad is the Boulevard Mall. This one is the best family place in Hyderabad. It is a big Shopping Center situated at Primary Expressway Street close to Badin Stop. Boulevard Mall offers different public and worldwide brands, Cinepax, and a play region for youngsters. It is the best Shopping center in Hyderabad, giving an unrivaled diversion, eating, and shopping experience. It is ideal for the entire family to hang out together or get the most recent blockbuster film.

Boulevard Mall Hyderabad

3. Mukhi House.

This one is a great part of History. A great area for history explorers. It is an archaeological exhibition hall with an enormous assortment of eighteenth-century antiques. A renowned Sindhi Hindu named Mukhi Jethanand laid out the Mukhi House Exhibition Hall in 1920. The Mukhi Historical Center currently possesses the Sindh culture and relics division. The Estate Lobby is close to the Mukhi Exhibition Hall. You can visit the Mukhi Exhibition Hall to learn more about the past.

Mukhi House

4. Badshahi Bungalow.

The most visited and Historical place in Hyderabad is Badshahi Bungalow. The Badshahi Bungalow is where you can observe how the Mughals lived, and everything preserved there is related to the Mughal rulers. The Badshahi Bungalow, located on Latifabad’s principal street, is a significant objective for individuals who need to see the city’s most notable milestones.

5. Rani Bagh

In Hyderabad, this Bagh is near the Sindh Museum. Rani Bagh is partitioned into four regions: a lake-like sight, a zoo, a ride zone for youngsters, and Eidgah. Rani Bagh bears Sovereign Victoria’s name and is continually available to Hyderabad residents. For sure, the most ideal for youngsters. Here, a sizable number of animals are kept for kids to see. You can come with your family members and eat here. Lunch can be advantageously taken in the shade of the trees. Rani Bagh is a beautiful and famous place in hyderabad for picnics.

Rani Bagh

5. Tomb of the Talpur Mirs

The best historical place in Hyderabad is Tomb of the Talpur Mirs. The Talpur took full advantage of the different engineering styles well-known in Sindh. The burial architecture of the Kalhorah, resembling pre-Mughal design traditions, significantly influenced their dome-shaped mausoleums.

Tomb of the Talpur Mirs

6. Pakka Qila

The Pakka Qila is the best family place in Hyderabad. Pakka Qila, spelled Pacco Qillo, is an area in Hyderabad near Talpur Compound. At the point when Mian Ghulam Shas Kalhoro established Hyderabad city in 1768. The most notable fascination around there is Pakka Qila. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest attractions in Hyderabad that tourists are encouraged to visit.


7. Qadam Gah Mola Ali

The most historical place in Hyderabad is Qadam Gah Mola Ali. Lots of people visit this place. Qadam Gah of Maula Ali is situated close to Pacca Qila in Hyderabad. Imam Ali’s lovers proposed Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro to name the city after their Imam Ali (Hyder). Afterwards, the Shah of Iran gave the town a stone said to have Ali’s impressions.

ThThey placed the stone at Qadamgah Maula Ali, recognizing it as a valuable historical site.

qadam gah

8. Kotri Bridge

The Kotri Bridge is located on the Indus River in the Jamshoro region. Kotri Dam was constructed in 1932. Adjacent to this bridge, there is a restaurant called “Al-Manzar Café.” Their fish is exceptionally renowned. People refer to fish as “Phala machli.” That is why many individuals visit there daily. Kotri Bridge is the most attractive place in Hyderabad, and this is also a family place where lots of the family came with the purpose of picnics.

kotri Bridge

10. Darawat Dam

The most attractive place in Hyderabad is the Darawat Dam. Darawat Dam exists on the Nai Baran Waterway, close to the Jamshoro town of Jhangri.  This dam can hold 150 million cubic meters of water. As Darawat Dam

Darawat Dam

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