Top Best Farmhouses in Lahore in 2024


The walled city of Lahore is famous for its delightful food, fascinating greenery, beautiful gardens, and historical sites. The Heart of Pakistan never misses an event and celebrates every event like a festival. Talking about the celebrations, the people of Lahore celebrate their occasions at various places. Farmhouses in Lahore are becoming the top choice of Lahoris for family festivals. The city is becoming the center of farmhouses due to its peaceful locations. If you are struggling for the best farmhouse in Lahore, you have arrived at the right place. This blog will guide you to choose a farmhouse that is conducive to your choice.

Here is the list of the top 10 farmhouses in Lahore in 2024

  1. Nadia Farmhouse
  2. Sadiq Farmhouse
  3. The Farmhouse Lahore
  4. Windmills Farmhouse & Resort
  5. Grand Orchid Farmhouse
  6. Hill View Garden Farmhouse
  7. Green Maison Farmhouse
  8. Lahore Greenz
  9. Marina Farmhouse
  10. Talia Farmhouse

1. Nadia Farmhouse:

Nadia Farmhouse is a hidden treasure in the culturally rich city. The place fascinates the clients as its infrastructure is perfectly curated for the visitors. Here, you can organize all kinds of formal and informal events. The place offers all the facilities to its customers such as in-house decor, catering, air-conditioned entrances, and whatnot. The place can accommodate more than 3000 people and has a conducive area for parking. Therefore, Nadia Farmhouse would be a top-notch choice to visit.

Farmhouses in Lahore

Address: Main Canal Road, Jubilee Farm House, Lahore.
Contact: 0301 8400539.

2. Sadiq Farmhouse:

Sadiq Farmhouse is another stunning place where you can organize the event according to your requirements. The place allows you to celebrate wedding receptions, pool parties, birthday parties, and whatnot. Here, you can find a clean pool and a ground for outdoor gaming. You can also find a kitchen and grill for a barbecue party. It’s the most suitable place to arrange grand wedding events or to spend quality time.

Farmhouses in Lahore

Address: Farmhouse no. 104, Spring Meadows, Bedian Road, Lahore.
Contact: 0312 4944652

3. The Farmhouse Lahore:

The Farmhouse Lahore is an ideal place to organize formal and informal events at an affordable rental price. Here, you can also shoot TV commercials, films, and drama. The farmhouse can easily accommodate 1500 guests and has a large parking place. When you enter the resort, its green lawn becomes your center of attraction. Like other farms, it also promises a traditional landscape, swimming pools, royal buildings, guest houses, security, bridal rooms, and whatnot.

Farmhouses in Lahore

Address: Main Bedian Road, Near Elite Villas, Lahore.
Contact: 0309 5629411

4. Windmills Farmhouse & Resort:

Windmill Farmhouse is one of the best farmhouses in Lahore. The farmhouse offers you to enjoy weddings, birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, and anniversaries. The stunning farmhouse has accommodation for close guests and five luxurious executive rooms, including meals. The resort also offers miniature golf, a cinema, a swimming pool, a gym, table tennis, badminton, swings, ludo, and whatnot.

best farm house in lahore

Address: At Main Bedian Road, Lahore.
Contact: 0341 0429222

5. Grand Orchid Farmhouse:

The infrastructure of Grand Orchid is designed to give you a Mughal-e-Azam vibe. Here, you can organize Mehndi, Walima, and other wedding events. The place is also famous for celebrity shoots and many other commercial activities. The farm also offers a variety of mouthwatering cuisines that will make your event memorable.

best farm house in lahore

Address: 7 km Raiwind Rd, Dubai Town, Lahore.
Contact:0322 4444263.

6. Hill View Garden Farmhouse:

Hill View Garden is more than a farmhouse. It will give you the vibe of a garden where you can plan weddings, parties, barbecues, celebrations, training, etc. Its D-shaped pool and a relaxing gazebo are enough to make you feel relaxed. There is also a place for BBQ and other cooking activities. The interesting thing about the farmhouse is that it is surrounded by nature. Here you can find solace as it is away from city noise.

farm house for rent in lahore

Address: 1 km from, BRB Canal Barki, Road, Lahore
Contact: 0311 1100801

7. Green Maison Farmhouse:

Green Mansion is known as the best farmhouse in Lahore. Like other farmhouses, it offers all the facilities that can make your visit memorable. The fully furnished farmhouse provides in-house facilities including 4 bedrooms, a hall, a sitting area, and a parking area. Visit the farmhouse at an affordable price.

farm house for rent in lahore

Address: Green Maison Farmhouse Raiwand Road, Lahore
Contact: 0300-4008402

8. Lahore Greenz:

Lahore Greens is a luxurious farmhouse that provides the best services to its clients. Here, you can host all the formal and informal events and spend the best quality time. If you want to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, this place would be the perfect choice.

Lahore Farmhouse 2024

Address: Bedian Rd, Lahore, Kasur, Punjab 55111
Contact: 0323 4600036

9. Marina Farmhouse:

Marina is one of the popular farmhouses in Lahore. The amazingly designed place provides all the facilities to make your events memorable. It can accommodate a large number of people and has a 500-car parking capacity. This farmhouse for rent in Lahore promises to make your event remarkable.

Lahore Farmhouse 2024

Address: Canal Rd, near PASCO Society, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Contact: 0322 8476565

10. Talia Farmhouse:

Talia is one of the renowned farmhouses in Lahore. The farmhouse provides a memorable, fun-filled environment. Talia Farmhouse can accommodate up to 600 guests and has a large parking slot. The entire package is available at 80,000 PKR. Give a try to this place, you will be satisfied.

Lahore Farmhouse 2024

Address: Lasani Road, Adjacent to Eden Park, Lahore.
Contact: 0332 4242677.


The above-discussed list will guide you to choose a place that best suits your requirements. The list of Lahore Farmhouse 2024 helps you to choose the best among them.

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