Keenjhar Lake, Thatta

Keenjhar Lake, also known as Keenjhar jheel or Kalri jheel, is a stunning freshwater lake nestled in the Thatta District of Sindh, Pakistan. overlaying an area of about 22 rectangular kilometers, it is one in all the biggest lakes inside the location and is cherished for its natural splendor, cultural importance, and ecological significance.

Historical Background

It is believed to have been constructed throughout the Umayyad Caliphate in the 8th century advert, making it one of the oldest man-made lakes in South Asia. The lake is likewise related to the legendary love story of Noori and Jam Tamachi, a Sindhi folktale that remains an essential part of the neighborhood cultural heritage.

Activities for visitors

visitors can partake in various activities, inclusive of boating, fishing, and beauty. The lakeside region boasts inns, restaurants, and picnic spots, making sure a relaxed and enjoyable visit. Boating on the serene waters of the lake allows visitors to in detail connect to its natural beauty and discover its captivating islands.

Beauty of the Keenjhar lakes

The pristine beauty of Keenjhar Lake is a sight to behold. Surrounded by picturesque hills, the lake’s clear blue waters glisten under the open sky, developing a captivating spectacle. sunrise and sunset on the lake are in particular breathtaking, with hues reflecting off the tranquil waters.

Other Places to Visit

Site visitors can explore close by ancient sites and shrines that add depth and mystique to them enjoy. Keenjhar Lake has end up a developing traveler attraction in current years.

Attraction of Keenjhar lake

This herbal beauty attracts photographers, artists, and nature enthusiasts from some distance and huge numerous chook species, making it a haven for birdwatchers, specifically all through the iciness months when migratory birds flock to its seashores.

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