lal shahbaz qalanda

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sehwan

Famous Sufi saint and mystic poet of Sindh Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (also known as Shahbaz Qalandar) grew up in the 13th century. His full name is “Syed Muhammad Usman Marwandi” and he is best known for his association with the Sehwan Sharif. His character and teachings have influenced and continue to influence the spirituality and culture of the region. Qalandar Shahbaz was born in 1177 AD in the city of Marvand (currently Afghanistan), where he came from a wealthy family of Sufi scholars.


His early education was in religion and Islamic law, but later, due to his spirit of side journeying, he gave up worldly luxuries in search of spiritual understanding. Qalandar Shahbaz traveled around the Islamic world in search of knowledge and expanded his understanding and horizons of Sufism. He adopted strict discipline and eventually moved to Sehwan Sharif, where he devoted his life to helping others and seeking divine love.


Shahbaz Qalandar constantly committed to spreading the message of love, tolerance and harmony among people. Diversity of religion and lineage is one of its distinguishing features. His poems emphasize the value of spirituality and unity with God, expressed in the form of Sufi qawwalis (spiritual songs).


Qalandar Shahbaz is respected for his innocence and compassion. He is known for his compassion for the poor and needy and often provides food and shelter to those in need. His famous proverb “Dama Dam Mast Qalandar” reflects his cheerful spiritual attitude and encourages his followers to find happiness in life and passionately embrace the divinity.


The mausoleum of Qalandar Lal Shahbaz in Sehwan Sharif is spiritual place for all. People went there from various religions and cultural backgrounds. This is a testament to his longevity and the unifying power of his teachings. Every year, Urs (death anniversary) is celebrated with passion, allowing thousands of people to pay their respects and seek spiritual solace.

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