Masjid e Safina

Masjid-e-Safina (Kashti Wali Masjid), Karachi

Masjid-e-Safina (Kashti Wali Masjid)

Masjid-e-Safina, also called Kashti Wali Masjid, is a unique and attractive mosque located in Lyari Karachi, Pakistan. It shaped like a ship, with white minaret resembling a mast and a curved roof that evokes the hull of a boat.

1. History:

Haji Abdullah, a Kutchi Memon businessman built that mosque in 1961. The vision of a ship sailing through the stormy seas of life inspired him, carrying its passengers safely to shore. The mosque is a symbol of hope and guidance for the people of Lyari, a densely populated and often overlooked community.

2. Architecture:

Kashti Wali Masjid is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. The masjid’s attractive ship-shape style is a testament to the creativity of its builders. The masjid is also noteworthy for its complicated carvings and calligraphy, which beautify the walls, minarets, and mehrab. The interior of Kashti Wali Masjid is just as impressive as its exterior. The main prayer hall is large and airy, with a high vault and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The walls are adorn with tangled calligraphy and colorful tiles. The mimbar, or stage is made of engraved marble and the mehrab that indicates the direction of Makkah, is decorated with gold leaf.

3. Significance:

Kashti Wali Masjid is a significant religious and cultural landmark in Karachi. It is a best place of worship for the local community and a famous tourist destination. The masjid also offers a variety of educational and social programs for the community.

4. Tourism:

Kashti Wali Masjid is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Karachi. tourist are drawn to the mosque’s beautiful ship-shape design and its intricate Islamic architecture. Visitors can climb to the top of the minaret for stunning views of Lyari and the surrounding area.


Kashti Wali Masjid is a truly unique and inspiring mosque. It is a sign of hope and counselling for the people and a cue of the beauty of Islamic architecture. The masjid is a famous place of praying, a popular tourist destination, and a center for community education and social services.

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