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Top 30 Picnic Points in Islamabad in 2024

Islamabad is the most wonderful city in Pakistan there are the most gorgeous picnic points in Islamabad. Islamabad is perhaps the greenest city in Pakistan, and the city owes its vegetation to a few parks, manicured nurseries, and lavish green spaces spotting the capital. Despite the wealth of parks all around the capital city, family excursions normally float towards one or the other shopping at shopping centers or feasting at cafés. Furthermore, we know beyond all doubt that these spots can’t supplant the experience of absorbing the sun with an invigorating beverage encompassed by quieting plant life. Thus, here’s our pick of the best cookout places in Islamabad – where you can lay your gingham cover and appreciate hand-crafted sandwiches with your loved ones. Here is list of Picnic Points in Islamabad

There is a List of the top 30 picnic points in Islamabad which are given in down.


<p>One of the Top picnic points in Islamabad is Lake View Park. This is quite possibly one of Islamabad’s most lovely and tremendous parks, set against the background of the emerald Margalla Slopes. Here, you attempt to experience sports like stone climbing, get on a boat on Rawal Lake for fishing, or partake in an excursion under the sun. The recreation area is an incredible family objective too, with a scope of youngster cordial exercises including horse riding, paintball, and a bird aviary. There’s an assortment of food and tidbit slows down in the recreation area, or you can design your grill at the offices accessible.

lake view park

Location: Murree Rd, LAKE VIEW PARK, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 49510, Pakistan


Ankara Park is also included among the best picnic points in Islamabad. It is a lovely little park for walking, running and cycling. It has a few delightful paths for strolling. this is arranged close to Rawal dam and you can go into the dam region from the other corner of the recreation area and see the delightful perspectives on the dam. Certain individuals likewise play cricket here. It is a decent spot to carry your kids to play here.

ankara park

Location : Murree Road, Islamabad – Pakistan

3. Japanese Children Park

The recreation area likewise comprises various kinds of swings, bouncing cushions, and slides that draw in kids. This park has its natural beauty and this was the best picnic point in Islamabad. The recreation area has loads of fun exercises put away for kids. Japanese Kids Park comprises trees that seem to be cherry blossoms giving a genuine Japanese focus on the recreation area. There is a little reward community joined to this park that gives tidbits and beverages inside the recreation area.

japanese children park

Location :Main Margalla Rd, Saidpur, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

4. Rose And Jasmine Garden

When we talk about the picnic places in Islamabad there was Rose & Jasmine Garden. This 20,360 sq. meters garden is popular for its roses. It has 250 unique assortments of roses as well as twelve kinds of Jasmines. Bloom shows are sometimes held here, especially during spring. Close by is a Vacationer Camping area.

rose and jasmine garden

Location :Srinagar Hwy, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital

5. Daman-e-Koh Park

Daman-e-Koh Islamabad is a well-known vacation destination in Pakistan. It is situated on the highest point of a slope in the Margalla Slopes Public Park, which offers marvelous perspectives on the city. Its name came from two Persian words: ” place that is known for the lower regions.” It is 2400 meters above ocean level and 500 meters above Islamabad. Besides, it’s a famous escape for local people and guests to the Pakistani capital.

daman e koh park

Location :Daman -e- Koh Rd, E-7, Islamabad,

6. Pakistan Monument Museum

The PAKISTAN Landmark Gallery (PMM) was laid out in 2010 on the west of Shakarparian Slopes to honor all legends of the country who forfeited everything, even their lives to make Pakistan conceivable. Pakistan Monument Museum has a big area where many families visit this place. We can say that the best family picnic point in Islamabad. The Historical Center portrays antiquated human progress, the opportunity battle of Pakistan, the birth of Pakistan, and the significant accomplishments of Pakistan to date. The PMM likewise has the offices of a reference library, general media file, and meeting corridor alongside a 62 (62) seat limit hall known as the Display Lobby.

pakistan monument museum

Location :Srinagar Hwy, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

7. Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park)

If we are visiting Islamabad we must visit this place because this is the best picnic point in Islamabad which is Fatima Jinnah Park, otherwise called Capital Park or F-9 Park, is a public sporting park that traverses the entire Area F-9 of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is named after Mādar-e Millat Fatima Jinnah, the more youthful sister of the pioneer behind Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. At 304 hectares, it is only more modest than New York’s Focal Park. It was planned by Michael Japero and was introduced in 1992.

fatima jinnah park

Location :Megazone Entertainment Hub, Gate # 2 Bolan, F-9 Park F-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

8. Ayub National Park

Named after Broad Ayub Khan, the first of Pakistan’s military regulation chairmen, the somewhat sullen Ayub Public Park south of the Cantonment has 900 hectares of ways, nurseries, and lakes (with employ boats). To arrive, take an air terminal-bound Suzuki from Rawalpindi and get off at Kucheri Chowk, then, at that point, take the right fork and travel for around 1km. Lots of people Visit this park and it this also famous for its picnic point in Islamabad.

ayub park

Location :National Park Road, Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, Pakistan

9. Shakarparian Picnic Point

Shakarparian slopes are arranged close to Zero Point, at a level of 609 meters. Its terraced garden offers wonderful and clearing vistas of Margalla and Murree slopes, Rawal Lake Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Awesome picnic point in Islamabad.

shakarparian picnic point

Location :M3VH+P2C, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

10. Shah Dara Point

Shahdara Valley is the most attractive and best picnic point in Islamabad. Shahdara Valley traverses a gigantic region with green knolls, bumpy slants, and a cool waterway stream going through it. You can take your vehicle somewhere inside the valley and appreciate regular perspectives. At the point when in full sprout, the yellow amaltas trees decorate the two sides of the wandering streets, making the valley more beautiful.

shah dara point

Location :Shah Dara Rd, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

11. Ficus Water Spring and Waterfall

The cascade is truly wonderful. The regular water asset in the wonderful mountains and a valid statement to pause and take a full breath. This was the most famous picnic point in Islamabad.

ficus water spring and waterfall

Location :Trail 5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

12. Hill Park

Has sensible stopping accessible. Negligible charges for section into the recreation area. It’s a very much kept-up-with park, with clean walkways and encompassing, reward shops, experience zones, latrines, and so forth. Many families must visit this park and this is also a family picnic point in Islamabad. The recreation area gives an awe-inspiring all-encompassing perspective on the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams together alongside the Vaishali cave.

hill park

Location :F-6-3, F-6, Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan

13. Rumli

The street was entirely pleasant as I got an extremely attractive mountain view on the way. The way to Rumli was easy to drive, it just had next to no bends or soaks, and any vehicle or motorbike could undoubtedly go there. The Rumli is the most attractive picnic point in Islamabad where you can get great pictures from gorgeous perspectives on mountains. There was a town close by and the places of local people.


Location :Q49M+RWJ, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

14. Sultan Park

Decent spot for day-to-day exercise, walking, and keeping yourself solid. Great family entertainment place no doubt. There have beauty of nature with fully covered with snow and this is the picnic place in Islamabad.

sultan park

Location :Street 99, I-8/4 I 8/4 I-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

15. Lake View Park Roundabout

If we search on Google for picnic places in Islamabad the result is Laje View Park Roundabout which was the famous picnic point. Pleasant spot for outings and family. Kids can get entertained at Bird Aviary a boat ride on the lake and a few rides. Many slows down for food and tidbits tasting. Ought to visit no less than one time.

lake view park roundabout

Location :Lake View Park Lake Park Road, LAKE VIEW PARK, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

16. Asad Park

A brilliant spot to simply sit back, unwind, and re-energize your batteries. Great for strolls, cricket, and soccer!

If we visit this place we feel better and relaxed, In this place play lots of games and enjoy with picnic tour.

asad park

Location :Street 23, F-11/2 F 11/2 F-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

17. Pir Sohawa

The most well-known and wonderful put There is a short path on Pir Suhawa that takes you around the topmost slope with stunning perspectives on the Administration, public Gathering, Rawal Lake, Inn Serena, Faysal Masjid. This is the most wonderful picnic point in Islamabad.

pir sohawa

Location :Pir Sohawa Road, Pir Sohawa, Haripur, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

18. Margalla Hills National Park

The best picnic point in Islamabad is Margalla Slopes the notorious spot with regards to attractions in Islamabad. They have a couple of eating choices at the top, where you can appreciate luxurious food alongside a delightful perspective on the city. There are a few climbing trails for swashbucklers and nature darlings.

margalla hills national park

Location :P2X4+62H, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

19. Children’s Park

F-10/1 Youngsters Park is arranged close to Khursheed Market neighboring Roasted Café and opposite Nullah. Area of the recreation area is quiet and green, simple for the close by home to reach. It is very much kept up with and have a couple of strolling track for strolling and jogging. It has children’s play regions where kids can play various games. So this park was best for families and most families came here for a trip or picnic point.

childern park

Location :1445 Street 33, G-11/2 G 11/2 G-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

20. Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Shah Allah Ditta caves are situated on the course driving towards Khanpur. These caverns are close to the sanctum and burial place of a Mughal period ‘dervish,’ Shah Allah Ditta. When you begin going on Golra Sharif Street, a sharp turn comes for a town named after the holy person — Shah Allah Ditta. The tight street leads towards Margalla Slopes on the foundation of which these caverns are found. Old Banyan trees at the side of the road denote the entry to the caverns.

shah allah ditta caves

Location :Road, Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

21. Mars jupiter Park

Mars Jupi

ter is one

of the top picnic points in Islamabad. In the list of top picnic point names Mars Jupitar is the one of that. This park is the best for children and kids. Many families come here for relaxation and enjoyment. Park has their beauty with many beautiful flowers and trees.

mars jupiter park

Location :20-C Street 10, F-8/3 F 8/3 F-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

22. CDA Park

As per reports, the community organization has requested that the concerned office plan PC-1 for the recreation area and, once supported, start the offering system. The recreation area will have a green region, running tracks, multi-reason sports offices, and a play region for kids.

cda park

Location :E-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

23. QAU Botanical Garden Hill

It’s truly an astonishing spot to appreciate the aerial perspective on Quaid e Azam College, Lake View, and Bara Kahu. Sun showers in the winter season and cool wind pleasure in summer evenings are the best opportunities to partake in the spot. It required a little way from NIPS close to Chandra Street to get it.

qua botanical garden hill

Location :P5Q6+HRM, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

24. Khadda Ground Park

Wonderfully kept and very much kept up with. There’s a running track, a mobile track, swings for youngsters, and seats all over. This was the best picnic point in Islamabad. Grass and trees and shades are all around kept. Best in the first part of the day time for exercise and a morning walk, and best at night for youngsters and family time.

khadda ground park

Location :Street 23, I-10/4 I 10/4 I-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

25. Lotus Lake Family Park

Wonderfully kept and very much kept up with. There’s a running track, a mobile track, swings for youngsters, and seats all over. Grass and trees and shades are all around kept. Best in the first part of the day time for exercise and a morning walk, and best at night for youngsters and family time. The beauty of Islamabad and the beauty of the park both are the most beautiful and this is the best place of picnic point in Islamabad.

lotus lake family park

Location :Lotus mini lake, Garden Ave, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

26. View Point Trail 3 Margalla Hills National Park

Very much kept up with by the CDA and Margalla Division. Trail 3 is the most famous among all the climbing trails in the Margallas. If you are deciding on any picnic program so must visit this picnic point in Islamabad. It is fundamentally because of its simpler access yet in addition due to the perspectives on the twin urban communities that it offers as compensation as you move towards the top.

view point trail 3

Location :P3VJ+PP6, Trail 3, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

27. Khalid Bin Waleed Park

The park is in superb condition. A ton of Sports and tomfoolery factors for youngsters as well concerning grown-ups. Many Individuals both male and female came here on a consistent schedule for strolling and running reasons. Photograph 1 in audit by Traveler Darlings. In Islamabad, there is the most beautiful picnic point with a family program.

khalid bin waleed park

Location :I-10/4 I 10/4 I-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

28. Fountain Park

Fountain Water Park is the one of Gorgeous parks in Islamabad lots of the family visit or arrange picnic points. It is a medium-measured park that is situated in a rush hour gridlock island with very much kept up with green yards, managed fences, flawless bricked pathways with a colossal wellspring encompassed by a spotless pool in its middle. There are three shelters around the recreation area which are elaborate and give no awning or downpour cover.

fountain park

Location :Grand Trunk Rd, Zaraj Housing Society Sector A Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 46000, Pakistan

29. Kinara Park

To get the delight of nature you ought to visit this spot it is astounding exceptionally in summers you can have this wonderful view. Family picnic point in Islamabad Kinara Park where we feel comfortable or separated and a quiet spot for daytime happiness with loved ones. Boat and pony riding are accessible. There is a mobile and running track too.

kinara park

Location :Jinnah Rd, Chak Shahzad, Lakhwal, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

30. Chattar Park

<p>Chatter Park is one of the famous picnic points in Islamabad. It’s a decent park, for family and children. They have a pleasant climate, and the view is great. Exceptionally water, you can stay there and appreciate there. For youngsters, they a little bird zoo, and some play regions, The glass span was astounding, and the water slides and water pool are great.

chattar park

Location :Kashmir Road, Old Murree Road, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan

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