state bank museum & art gallery

State Bank Museum & Art Gallery, Karachi


The State Bank Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit place which is located in Karachi, where history, art converge and culture to create memorable experiences for visitors.

  1.  Fascinating history:

Start your journey by learning about the rich history of the State Bank museum. The SBP museum features detailed exhibits, including photos, documents, and artifacts, chronicling the development of the banking industry. Learn about the process of establishing the State Bank, its role in economic development and its significant contributions over the years.

  1. Art treasures:

There is a huge collection of classical and modern art in the state bank museum & art gallery. Where you will see a wide variety of art forms and media from traditional paintings to modern sculptures. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore famous works by nationally and internationally recognized artists.

  1. Currency through the ages:

A visit to the SBP museum would not be complete without exploring the currency section. Learn about the evolution of money, from ancient exchange systems to the difficult designed banknotes and coins used today. Historical and interactive exhibits take you on a journey through the region’s monetary history.

  1. Interactive Exhibits:

With interactive displays of state bank museum that engage visitors of all ages. This facility offers a hands on experience. This is a good educational experience for the family, as you can experiment with currency design, learn more about banking and even participate in financial simulations.

  1. Temporary Exhibitions:

The SBP museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, which means there’s always something new to see. Check their schedule for upcoming exhibitions as they often feature contemporary artists, themed collections and unique exhibitions that offer new perspectives on art and finance.

  1.  Gift Shop:

Before you leave, you should visit the state bank museum’s gift shop. You can buy souvenirs, art prints, books about local history and art or even beautifully designed banknotes, making for unique and memorable souvenirs.

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